Dental Health Week: Busy Life Style? Keep A Healthy Smile!

Dental Health Week Busy Life Style? Keep A Healthy Smile main beach dentist It can be difficult to keep up good oral health habits in your busy, fast-paced life. We all have too many things to do, and too little time to do them. Sometimes this means that important routines such as dental hygiene can be rushed or ignored.

Which is why Main Beach Dental wants to remind you about the upcoming Dental Health Week, which takes place in the first full week of August. This is the Australian Dental Association’s major annual oral health promotion event and it has taken Oral Health For Busy Lives as its theme. Its aim is to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health in every aspect of their lives, no matter how busy their lives might be.

At Main Beach Dental, we work with you to balance your dental health and your busy life. After all, if you have poor dental hygiene, your schedule is eventually going to fill up with trips to get your dental damage fixed!


The Complete Toothpaste Guide

The Complete Toothpaste Guide dentist main beachDid you ever stop to wonder if you are using the proper toothpaste? The answer is important because effective brushing is a combination of good technique and the right products. Your products begin with toothpaste!

Don’t worry – this is less complicated than it sounds despite the many different toothpastes that are commercially available. If you want to take your brushing to the next level and prevent decay, keep reading for our top tips on which toothpastes to consider.

At Main Beach Dental we have found that the most effective product is likely to be one that you actually enjoy using, as you’re more likely to keep up on your brushing. So never discount the importance of toothpaste flavors and textures! To help you understand your toothpaste options, we have put together the following “toothpaste primer”.


Tooth Bonding – Economical And Quick Tooth Repair

Tooth Bonding Economical And Quick Tooth Repair main beach dentistAn economical tooth bonding may be the solution you need to repair and improve the look of your teeth. If you have a chipped, uneven, broken, or stained tooth, tooth bonding can be the treatment to make it stronger, whiter, and brand-new looking without putting a big strain on your budget. Tooth bonding is one of the least expensive improvements you can make to your teeth, and it is relatively long-lasting.

To introduce all aspects of this process to you, Main Beach Dental has put together the following information. If it seems as though tooth bonding may be a solution to your dental problems, please contact us immediately!


Care For Young Teeth: Child Dental Benefits Extended For 2017!

Care For Young Teeth- Child Dental Benefits Extended For 2017The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is returning for 2017! The CDBS is a government funded health program, which provides $1,000 to cover basic dental services over a two year period for about 3 million Australian children between the ages of 2 and 17.

If your children are eligible you should not let them miss out on the CDBS’s benefit for basic dental services. Oral health is always important, and developing good dental and oral health habits in your children is one way to ensure a healthy life in the future.

For more information regarding the CDBS, contact our friendly staff at Main Beach Dental and we will be happy to book an appointment or answer your questions!


What is Threading and Facial Rejuvenation?

What is Threading and Facial Rejuvenation?Thread lіftіng іѕ thе latest іnnоvаtіvе аnd exciting new mеthоd tо rеduсе the ѕіgnѕ of ageing by еlеvаtіng sagging tissue in the brоwѕ, сhееkѕ аnd mіdfасе. The thrеаdѕ can also rероѕіtіоn thе brow аnd ѕоftеn the арреаrаnсе оf jоwlіng. In ѕоmе саѕеѕ threads may be used tо tіghtеn lооѕе nесk ѕkіn.

Thrеаdѕ оr ѕuturеѕ, bоth bаrbеd and smooth hаvе аlѕо nоw bееn developed for uѕе іn threading lіftіng рrосеdurеѕ. Thеѕе thrеаdѕ саn bе uѕеd tо lіft аnу аrеа оf thе fасе: eyebrow, сhееk, jowl and nесk tо рrоduсе a gеntlе lifting оf lax fасіаl tіѕѕuеѕ.


Why Your Teeth Won’t Get Whiter

Why-Your-Teeth-Wont-Get-Whiter-main-beach-dentist Are you one of those individuals who have been using whitening toothpastes or strips to make your teeth a little bit brighter? Yet after days, weeks or months have passed, the end result is still quite disappointing.

Lack of results can be because the treatment is not effective or something else is affecting the treatment, perhaps your lifestyle or an underlying dental problem. If this is the case, you should discuss the issue with your general dentist or cosmetic dentist.

Top Reasons Your Teeth Stay Yellow

According to the American Dental Association, there are several factors that could be slowing down your teeth whitening treatment. These include: