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Top 7 Oral Hygiene Gift Ideas for Holidays from Main Beach Dental

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Oral Hygiene, Oral Hygiene Gift Ideas


You’ve been beating your brains out for months now about what to get a certain someone (or more) on your list, and you’re this close to giving up.

They seem to have everything, don’t want more “stuff” or you just have no idea what a good gift would be.

In that case, why not give a few gifts that are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and healthy?

And by that, Main Beach Dental means gifts that support dental health. These gifts are cool and compact enough to be stocking stuffers or part of a Secret Santa party.

Everyone can use something healthy and best of all you can guarantee that your gifts will be used every day.

If you’re looking for a few gifts that a practical, healthy, and thoughtful, Main Beach Dental has some suggestions.

#1. Electric toothbrush

Nothing says you care more than the gift of an electric toothbrush – a gift that is appropriate for recipients of almost every age.

Many people don’t brush their teeth properly using a manual toothbrush. An aggressive manual brusher can cause premature gum recession and tooth wear.

Conversely, being too gentle leaves plaque that leads to gum disease and tooth decay. A good electric toothbrush solves these problems with an engineered action and built-in safety mechanisms.

#2. Water flosser

A water flosser pushes pulses of water out at high speed. You just point the water flosser at the gaps between teeth and the water knocks out plaque, germs and bacteria!

Many children consider water flossers to be fun, and for both children and adults, water flossers can overcome coordination or dexterity issues with normal flossing.

#3. Toothpaste tube wringer

We’ve created smartphones that contain more power than computer desktops did just 20 years ago, but we can’t create a toothpaste tube that doesn’t leave some toothpaste wasted at the bottom of the tube.

If you have an “economical” friend or family member on your gift list, a toothpaste tube wringer is a versatile and effective way to ensure you get as much toothpaste out of a tube as is possible.

Toothpaste tube wringers are a great way to avoid waste and save money.

#4. Complete dental hygiene kit

A complete dental hygiene kit can be a great present or a great stocking stuffer. Everyone knows how important it is to brush our teeth, but brushing alone is not enough.

A dental hygiene kit provides the tools to target plaque and keeps gums healthy, at home, at work, or when travelling.

These kits come with an easy pack travel kit, and the tools are simple to use and wash. What better way to show your care than to help your friends and family’s smiles stay healthy and clean?

#5. Toothbrush Timer

Most of us know we’re supposed to brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day, but how many of us actually time it? A toothbrush timer makes it easy to keep track of how long someone is brushing, and it’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!

#6. White teeth

Slightly unorthodox but super-thoughtful, consider giving the gift of a nicer smile.

When you give someone professional teeth whitening at Main Beach Dental, you’re giving them more than just an improved smile.

You’re also giving them the increased confidence that comes with knowing they have great teeth.

Great teeth in a great smile can help them make better first impressions and may even help them do better in their careers and even romantic lives.

Check out teeth whitening at Main Beach Dental.

#7. Gift basket

Sure, you can put various knick-knacks and small things in a stocking, but why not upgrade that to a gift basket?

Fill a basket with a few extra toothbrushes, travel-sized toothpaste, sugar-free mints, some floss, and disclosing tablets.

Wrap in clear cellophane, top with a ribbon, and you’ve got a multi-purpose, health-oriented gift that will look beautiful on a table or under a tree!

If you’re looking for a great gift, you can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions above.

Just remember – even if you have the very best dental tools and technology, you still need to be seeing us at Main Beach Dental on a regular basis.

You’ll probably be eating a lot of sticky and sugary food throughout the holiday, and when you’re ready for that much-needed check-up, get in touch with us and we’ll get you off to a great New Year!

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