At Main Beach Dental, your dentist use local or general anesthesia to numb your gums before your wisdom tooth is removed. This means that you will not feel any pain while we remove the tooth. After it’s removed, you might be feel soreness for the first few days, but you will be given very good pain killers.

After the treatment, you will still feel numbness for some time so make sure you don’t bite your lip or the inside of your cheek. Lying flat will prolong the bleeding. You can prop your head up with pillows. Don’t smoke for at least 24 hours and avoid touching the treated area with your tongue or fingers.

Successful root canal treatment can last a lifetime. Success rate is very high. In fact, about 85% of the cases, the treatments lasted for a lifetime. At Main Beach Dental, you can be sure that your Root Canal Treatment will be done properly. We will give you appropriate filling or crown if necessary.

For fast full recovery, you will be advised to maintain a soft diet for the first few days depending on what your doctor will instruct you. During the soft diet, you need to avoid using straw because the sucking motion inside your mouth can cause bleeding. High calorie and protein intake are important. For liquid intake, you can enjoy milk shakes or fruit juices. It will be a good source of nutrients.

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Nowadays, white filling materials used by dentists are strong. How long your dental filling last will depend on how you take care of your teeth. Gold is the most durable and strongest type of filling. The disadvantage is it’s unnatural color, and it’s costly.

Not really. You will feel soreness for some time, but that’s all. There will be discomfort at some point, but after your lips and cheeks get used to the braces, you’ll be fine.

The results are pretty much stable, but there are a lot of factors we need to consider when it comes to determining how long will it last. These factors include your diet, medications, genetics, age and habits. The good news is that modern dentistry offers a lot of touch-up treatments to bring your white smile back. But, this shouldn’t be used as an alibi to cease taking care of your teeth.

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Yes. Though nothing hurts, it’s still possible that you have existing dental problem without you knowing. It’s great to hear that your teeth look fine. Even if you already have beautiful white smile, you still need your dentist to keep your teeth healthy. Whether you have a dental problem or not, visit your dentist every after six months.

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It’s important that you inform your dentist about your medical conditions and allergies. You also need to tell your dentist about your medications.

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Take care of your gums. Tooth sensitivity occurs whenever the gums covering the root of your tooth start to recede or the surface of the tooth wears out. When this happens, you will experience tooth sensitivity whenever the root will be exposed to heat or too much cold. If not treated, this can lead you to another dental problem.

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