Plaque, Tartar, And Their Removal

Plaque Tartar And Their Removal | Dentist Main Beach Contrary to what some people think, plaque and tartar are not exactly the same. At Main Beach Dental, we’d like to take a moment to tell you more about plaque and tartar, and remind you why professional cleanings are so important.

Plaque is the film of bacteria constantly forming on your teeth. Plaque is like something from a horror movie – it is always growing: it grows after you eat, while you sleep, during class, and in conversation– it never stops.


National Children’s Week at Main Beach Dental

national childrens week at main beach dental As part of National Children’s Week (23-31 October), Main Beach Dental spreads the word that if parents teach children good dental habits, those children have a great chance of having those habits for life.

With that, dental disease will be avoided, and even having better overall health.

National Children’s Week was created to focus the attention of Australia on children and their needs.


Conquering Dentophobia

conquering dentophobia Azenith Arnolds was 10 years old when she visited her dentist for her first tooth extraction. During the procedure, her dentist failed to properly anesthetize her back molar and hit a nerve spot-on.

The result was a memory of excruciating physical pain and a paralyzing fear of dentists that persists until today.

Few people get excited about visiting their local dentist. But chronic fear of dentists, otherwise known as odontophobia, prevents millions of people around the world from seeking the proper oral healthcare.


Whiten your Teeth at Main Beach Dental

Whiten your Teeth at Main Beach Dental At Main Beach Dental, there is one question about cosmetic dentistry that we hear most often, “How can I make my teeth whiter?” Everyone wants a great smile, and white teeth are part of that.

The answer to this question is that teeth whitening in a dental office has become increasingly common, safe, affordable, and effective.

And in comparison to whitening products available in stores, or DIY products found on websites, the whitening products at Main Beach Dental.