Benefits Of Custom-Made Mouthguards at Main Beach Dental

Benefits Of Custom-Made Mouthguards at Main Beach Dental Custom-fitted mouthguards are essential but often overlooked safety tool/device in sports and recreational activities.

But according to the Australian Dental Association playing sports, particularly contact ones, without a mouth guard can be a recipe for dental disaster! Unfortunately, many of us realise the benefits of a mouthguard after injury has taken place instead of before.


Dental Tips: 6 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Easter

Dentist Main Beach Tips 6 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Easter As you prepare for Easter this year, you may be worried about of chocolate bunnies you’re putting in Easter baskets or the jellybeans you’re stuffing in plastic eggs.

Similarly, you might be concerned about holiday food – Easter brunches, family dinners, even eating junk food on road trips.

This is a reasonable fear; binging on anything sugary can make teeth and gums susceptible to bacteria, which causes tooth decay and disease.


Be #MouthProud: World Oral Health Day 2022 Tips from Main Beach Dental

world oral health day 2022 tips from main beach dental Every year on March 20, we celebrate World Oral Health Day to spread awareness of the importance of oral health.

The theme for the next three years sends out a very simple yet powerful message: Be Proud of Your Mouth. Value and take care of it.

In 2021, your Main Beach dentist wants to promote change by focusing on the importance of oral health for overall health since good oral health can help you live a long and healthier life.


Valentine’s Day and Your Smile

valentines day and your smile In 2014, Australians spent some 90.9 million dollars on Valentine’s Day chocolate and confections.

Each year, Australians consume nearly 6 kilograms of chocolate. But candy and chocolate are not good for your dental health.

And bad dental health can affect the other gift that many people give their loved ones on Valentine’s Day – kisses!

And kisses can be good for you, as they stimulate saliva production and help keep your teeth clean.


Plaque, Tartar, And Their Removal

Plaque Tartar And Their Removal | Dentist Main Beach Contrary to what some people think, plaque and tartar are not exactly the same. At Main Beach Dental, we’d like to take a moment to tell you more about plaque and tartar, and remind you why professional cleanings are so important.

Plaque is the film of bacteria constantly forming on your teeth. Plaque is like something from a horror movie – it is always growing: it grows after you eat, while you sleep, during class, and in conversation– it never stops.