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Restorative Dentistry: Foods To Avoid When Wearing Dental Crowns

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Dental Article, Dental Crowns and Bridges, Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Foods To Avoid When Wearing Dental Crowns Restorative Dentistry creates a dental crown that is specifically designed to restore and improve the normal appearance and function of a damaged tooth.

A dental crown is a durable, form-fitting, and long lasting ceramic sleeve that caps over a decayed, broken, and brittle tooth. Resembling a natural tooth, a dental crown is designed to fit the adjacent tooth while ensuring the correct bite.

Oftentimes, however, it takes your dentist a week or two to create and fit you with a permanent dental crown.

While waiting for your permanent dental crown, Restorative Dentistry will first prepare your tooth for the fitting of a temporary crown. Because a temporary crown is often significantly more fragile than a permanent one, it is imperative that you take extra precautions in caring for it.

In this case, caring for your dental crown largely consists of watching what and how you eat. For starters, you can avoid chewing on hard foods like candies and nuts. You can also cut down on your snacking. Read on as Restorative Dentistry tells you more about this –


Restorative Dentistry Tells You To Avoid Hot Foods And Drinks

Exposing your temporary crown to foods served in high temperatures will probably cause no severe damage. Still, it is still best for you to avoid these foods altogether. Hot foods — such as fresh from the oven pizza, fresh off the grill steak, and hot soup — often result in severe discomfort.

The level of discomfort, however, generally differs from patient to patient. Between mild, moderate, and severe discomfort, hypersensitivity is often felt in and around the crowned tooth structure. This especially happens when the patient is prone to gum recession.

If discomfort persists, it is best to consult your local Main Beach dentist as crown adjustment maybe necessary.


Restorative Dentistry Tells You To Avoid Cold Foods And Drinks

Just as you should be on the lookout for foods and drinks that served in high temperatures, you should also try to avoid those served in lower temperatures. Ice-cold foods and drinks — such as ice cream, ice-cold beer, and even iced water — generally do no serious dental damage. However, these foods and drinks often trigger hypersensitivity especially if the crowned tooth has its root exposed.

If you are really keen on treating yourself to a cone of ice cream or a glass of beer from time to time, then have your dentist recommend you tooth products that are formulated to counteract tooth sensitivity.


Restorative Dentistry in Tells You To Avoid Sugary Foods And Drinks

After Restorative Dentistry has fitted you with a permanent dental crown, then you should be observing lesser dietary restrictions. Still, you should note that the fitted tooth remains vulnerable to damage and decay much like a regular tooth. And much like your regular teeth, consciously avoiding sugary foods and beverages goes a long a way in the prevention of damage and decay.