What You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

What You Should Know About Root Canal TreatmentOnce infected by mouth-dwelling bacteria, a damage tooth continues to sustain the infection unless treated properly and effectively. When you come into the dental office, complaining of a debilitating toothache, your dentist will assess your condition to determine the necessary course of treatment.

Often, chronic dental infection is not anymore restorable by traditional tooth fillings. This leaves you and your dentist with two plausible courses of action in the treatment of your damage tooth – extraction and root canal treatment.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Otherwise known as endodontic therapy, root canal treatment is the surgical removal of an infected pulp tissue. To better understand root canal treatment, it is essential that we know what the dental pulp is.

The dental pulp sits deep inside your tooth, through the while enamel and the hard shell dentin. It is essentially the sensory part of the tooth consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and dental tissues. This means that, once infected, the dental pulp receives and sends pain signals to the brain and the rest of the body. This is where root canal treatment becomes necessary.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment

Once confirmed that root canal treatment is the necessary course of treatment for your condition, your dentist Gold Coast, using dental anesthetics and precision equipment will proceed to remove the infected dental pulp. After the dental pulp has been successfully removed, your dentist will clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth. Once cleaned and disinfected, your dentist will restore you tooth with a rubber-like gutta percha filling. Depending on the condition of your tooth, your dentist might cap your newly restored tooth with prosthetic porcelain crown for added protection.

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In the past, root canal treatment might have earned a reputation of being quite an uncomfortable procedure. Today, however, between highly effective anesthetics, precision equipment, and cutting edge dental technology, modern root canal treatment is no more uncomfortable than getting a simple filling procedure.


Procedure And Benefits Of Dental Veneers

Dentist Gold Coast: Procedure And Benefits Of Dental VeneersAll too many people have given up on their dream of having a perfect set of teeth. It is not unheard of for people to settle with a set of teeth that is far from faultless.

This is mostly because they think that cosmetic dental procedures, procedures that correct the structure of their teeth, would consist of uncomfortable extensive procedures and wearing of braces that last for years. This, however, isn’t necessarily true.

Thanks to the many significant advancements that modern dentistry has seen over the recent years, many cosmetic dental procedures that correct your smile is as effective as it is comfortable. Take dental veneers for instance.

What Dental Problems Can Veneers Resolve?

Durable yet thin laminates that are installed to the fronts of the teeth, dental veneers are used to treat a number of cosmetic dental problems. These include: stained of discolored teeth that have been unsuccessfully treated with teeth whitening procedures, chipped, broken, and jagged teeth edges, abnormally small teeth, and misaligned teeth


How To Keep Your Child From Dental Phobia

Here’s a 1 minutes and 23 seconds How To Keep Your Child From Dental Phobia video. See full transcript below.

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Dental Implants: The Best Tooth Loss Treatment

Dental Implants: The Best Tooth Loss Treatment Dental implants are essentially the best possible modern treatment for tooth loss.

Unlike much more traditional dentures, which mostly consist of crown replacements, dental implants are designed to replace both the aesthetic and functional dimensions of natural crowns and tooth roots.

Resembling a small screw, dental implants are anchored in your jaw and are fitted with an overlying crown and denture.

The Aesthetic Function Of Your Teeth

Anatomically speaking, the function of a healthy set of teeth goes beyond that of chewing, speaking, and smiling. A healthy set of teeth has an aesthetic function that many people aren’t aware of.

Simply put, your teeth provide the necessary structural framework that supports the soft tissues of both your lips and cheek.

When you lose a tooth, you alter and gradually ruin this framework. Therefore, the more teeth you lose, the more it is likely for your cheeks and lips to collapse inwards

Tooth Roots

When you lose a tooth, you don’t only lose the visible crown that completes your smile. When you lose a tooth, you naturally lose a tooth root, which is crucial in stimulating jawbone activity. This is where dental implants excel as tooth replacements over the more traditional dentures.


Tips On How To Reduce Mouth Odour

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Halitosis, or commonly known as Bad Breath, remains to be a timeless turnoff affecting interpersonal relationships of more than eighty million people in the world.

Getting rid of bad breath isn’t as easy as acquiring it. Oftentimes, the person isn’t aware of having it until somebody else will have the courage to tell him so. And though there are so many products available today claiming to keep fresh breath, figures show that half the world is still having this mouth odour problem.


Simple Home Remedies For Dental Pain

Dentist in Gold Coast: Simple Home Remedies For Dental Pain The intensity of a toothache can vary from mild discomfort to head wrecking pain around your jaw. Among the main causes of dental pain include tooth cavities, gum infection, exposed teeth roots, jaw joint disorders, etc. Essentially, a toothache occurs when the pulp of the tooth becomes irritated.

If you are suffering from dental pain, it is best to consult your doctor right away. If, however, you are unable to immediately visit your local dentist, you can try the following natural home remedies to temporarily relieve the soreness of your tooth.

Pepper And Salt Paste

A homespun mixture of salt and pepper is especially helpful when the painful tooth is extremely sensitive. To use, simply mix equal amounts of pepper and salt with enough water to form a paste. Apply paste on the affected area. Allow the paste to sit on the tooth for a couple of minutes. For treatment to be effective, do apply pepper and salt paste onto affected area daily.


Garlic contains antibiotic and a wide range of medicinal properties that are very effective in neutralizing any bacterial effect of a sore tooth. To use, just mix a crushed garlic clove, or garlic powder if you prefer, with table salt. Apply mixture on the sore area to relieve any persisting pain or discomfort. It is ideal if you do this for more than a couple of days.


Tips To Reduce Cheek & Face Swelling Due To Tooth Abscess

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Gold Coast Dentist: Tips To Reduce Cheek & Face Swelling Due To Tooth Abscess

Does it feel like your face has doubled in size due to all the swelling that’s going on? That is actually a common case happening on people suffering from tooth abscess. It is usually accompanied with bad salty taste in your mouth and throbbing pain whenever you chew. And the swelling starts to occur while you are asleep.

People suffering from tooth abscess are advised to take antibiotic medications. However, there are times that there is no difference in the swelling even after taking some medications. Below are some easy-to-apply remedies that you can do at home:


Understanding The Duchenne Smile

Dentist Gold Coast: Understanding The Duchenne Smile While smiling is among the most natural facial gestures even for a baby, it is actually quite difficult to slap on a genuine smile on command. If you are having your driver’s ID picture taken, for instance, or if you are just meeting someone for the first time, chances are you will try to flash a fake smile that is either awkward or downright frightening.

The Anatomy Of Smiling

The zygomatic major, the muscle located in between the corner of your mouth and top of your jaw, contracts every time you try to smile on cue.

Smiling on cue by contracting the zygomatic major is rather easy. We do it every time we flash a fake smile. It’s the smile that we use wherever we have our ID photos taken. It’s the smile the salesperson flashes whenever we inquire about these or that product. It’s the smile the waiter nervously every time he gets someone’s wrong order.

The Duchenne Smile

There is a little known research that reports how a warm and earnest smile is easily more visible than a frown. An honest to goodness smile is hard to do without meaning. Technically, an honest smile is referred to as the Duchenne Smile. The Duchenne Smile is named after a 19th century French philosopher who spent his life studying the muscles of the face.

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