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Here’s a 2 minutes and 27 seconds Gold Coast Dentist Advice: Top 9 Tooth Loss Risk Factors video. See full transcript below.

Poor oral care routine such as inconsistent brushing of teeth and irregular flossing can undoubtedly lead to tooth decay and gum disease, and later on, tooth loss. Consuming foods and drinks that are significantly high in sugar and acids can trigger irreversible damage to your teeth and gums. Unhealthy habits like tobacco and alcohol abuse are also two of the leading factors for the destruction of your oral health.

Educating yourself regarding the causes and effects of tooth loss can hinder it from occurring to you and your family as well. You must visit your dentist for a professional cleaning twice a year since this is the foremost step in preventing tooth loss. Improve your oral hygiene activity at home to further avoid not just tooth loss, but also other dental issues that may develop in the future.

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