Cold Sores and Your Dental Schedule

old Sores and Your Dental Schedule Dentist Main Beach One of the most common diseases of the mouth and lips is the simple cold sore.

It is caused by the herpes virus, and many more of us carry the virus than show symptoms through cold sores.

25 per cent of us suffer from recurring cold sores, and well over half of us carry the virus, hidden in our nervous systems.

Cold sores are characterised by small lip-blisters that are frequently confused with canker sores, which present similar symptoms but call for different responses from a dental office.


Dental Health Week With Main Beach Dental!

Dental Health Week With Main Beach Dental Main Beach Dental stands hand in hand with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) in support of Dental Health Week (6 to 12 August).

Dental Health Week is the ADA’s annual major oral health event.

It’s designed to further educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health by promoting four key messages.

Why is this important? Consider the following worrisome statistics:


Deep Cleaning and Your Dental Health

Deep Cleaning and Your Dental Health | Dentist Main Beach Many patients who visit Main Beach Dental require a deep cleaning, sometimes known as a scaling and root planing.

Those words may sound serious and threatening, but in fact the deep cleaning treatment is non-surgical and does not require any slicing or drills.

A deep clean is what we recommend when a patient is diagnosed with the first stage of gum disease (gingivitis) because a regular cleaning only involves scraping plaque off the teeth and does not get to the roots of your teeth.

If you suffer from gingivitis we work to remove the infection, promote healthy gum re-attachment, and halt gum infection before it can advance into periodontitis.


Odd Dental Thoughts, Theories & Facts

Odd Dental Thoughts Theories and Facts | Dentist Main Beach At Main Beach Dental we usually focus on the very serious and important business of maximising your dental health.

But as dental professionals we also have a great deal of knowledge to share, both historical and current, about the field of dentistry.

In this post, we’re going to share some of the more interesting aspects of dental history, a few modern misconceptions, and an interesting fact or two about teeth.


Regular Dental Cleaning for Total Health

Regular Dental Cleaning for Total Health | Dentist Main Beach Regular dental exams are a crucial part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums; healthy teeth and gums that then go on to support overall health.

Still, plenty of us shy away from the idea of visiting the dentist, whether because of fear of pain, dislike of the dental chair, or because dental visits can be inconvenient.

While this is a common practice, at Main Beach Dental we’d like to emphasize that skipping dental visits can be very bad for your oral and overall health.

Skipping dental visits can put your at risk of dental problems as well as some kinds of general illness including heart disease.


Bleeding Gums in Braces Wearers – What You Need To Know

Bleeding Gums in Braces Wearers What You Need To Know | Dentist Main Beach Bleeding gums are never a good sign, and it is doubly worrisome if you have braces. Blood in the mouth means that there has been damage to the capillaries, or that blood has reached tissue outside of the capillaries (so called extra capillary action).

Bloody gums do not always mean that there is a serious problem, but you should be concerned enough to get the bleeding immediately looked at by your dentist or orthodontist.

At Main Beach Dental our first step is to discover what is causing the bleeding gums and how they are related to your braces.


How Dental Veneers Can Work For You

Main Beach Dental | How Dental Veneers Can Work For You | Dentist Main BeachWhen you’re heading out the door of your house and take one last look in the mirror before you do, does what you see make you feel confident? Or is there something in your smile that makes you feel a little less confident than you could be?

Some of our patients at Main Beach Dental have smiles that they are not completely happy about. And a less-than-beautiful smile can make you feel self-conscious and less confident. In fact, studies show that brighter and better smiles can have positive impacts on work, social life, and even our love lives.

Which is why, in this article we’re going to talk about smile makeovers using dental veneers. We’ll cover how the process works, what is involved, and what you can expect from porcelain veneers and a smile makeover.


12 Tips For Good Oral Care During The Holidays

Main Beach Dental | 12 Tips For Good Oral Care During The Holidays | Dentist Main Beach The holidays are full of friendship, food, gifts, and fun. But good oral care during this busy season can be tough with the bombardment of sugary sweets, savory drinks, and so much to do that normal routines can be interrupted.

Counting down to holidays (through an advent calendar or the “twelve days of Christmas”) is a fun activity for you and your kids, but if these days are filled with chocolate, sweets, sugary foods, and sweet drinks it isn’t so great for our teeth.

So, at Main Beach Dental we’ve come up with 4 great tactics to make an advent calendar dental-smart as well as 8 bonus tips to make your holiday seasons a healthy and happy one for you, your loved ones, and their teeth! Together we can make this holiday festive, fun, and full of healthy smiles!


Gum Disease – Causes, Protection, Cures

Main Beach Dental | Gum Disease Causes Protection Cures | Dentist Main Beach Gold CoastIf your gums are puffy, tender or bleed when you floss, you may be among the 20 per cent of Australian adults with gum disease, which is the most common cause of tooth loss in Australia.

Gum disease, begins as a condition called gingivitis. Caused by bacteria, untreated gum disease causes the gum to separate from the teeth, forming a bacteria-filled pocket. Having bacteria beneath your gums is like having termites in your house.

No matter how much you work you do on the outside, the foundation will eventually weaken and collapse unless the underlying cause of damage is treated.

This is why Main Beach Dental wants you to know the causes, protective tactics against, and cures related to gum disease.


Children’s Week With Main Beach Dental

Childrens-Week-With-Main-Beach-Dental As part of Children’s Week (21–29 October), Main Beach Dental is spreading the word that if parents teach children good dental habits, those kids have a great chance of having those habits for a lifetime, avoiding dental disease, and even having better overall health.

Children’s Week was originally created to focus the attention of Australia on children and their needs. In support of Children’s Week message of support for children, Main Beach Dental is emphasizing the ways that children can protect their teeth and health from an early age.

Unfortunately, tooth decay is Australia’s most common health problem. Dental decay in children of Australia is high, with just less that 50% of all six year olds’ already suffering from decayed teeth. The best way to combat this is with good oral hygiene, and for children that means early training.


5 Easy Ways To Control Your Sugar Cravings

5 Easy Ways To Control Your Sugar Intake main beach dentist If you have a sweet tooth, you crave food and drink containing sugar. But sugar is the enemy of your teeth and health. Sugar-related dental problems remain one of the most widespread causes of poor oral and general health.

Ideally, we would eliminate most sugary foods and drink from our diet. This is difficult however, as sugar because seems to be added to virtually everything we eat – and it tastes good. So the key is to know how to balance sugar intake so that it does not negatively affect your life or health.

Main Beach Dental wants you to lead a healthy and happy life, with dental and general good health. One way to achieve this is to drastically reduce sugar consumption.


Got Yellow Teeth? Whiten Them Instantly

Got Yellow Teeth Whiten Them InstantlyYellow is usually considered a happy color. For instance, sunshine, buttercups, and daffodils all put smiles on most faces. But when it comes to your teeth, yellow is a very unwelcome colour. Unfortunately, even people who are diligent about their dental health can find themselves with some tooth discoloration.

At Main Beach Dental we have seen all the possible causes of yellow teeth, and we also have all the best treatments to make your smile whiter, brighter, and more attractive.