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World No Tobacco Day 2021 in Main Beach: Commit to Quit!

by | May 25, 2021 | World No Tobacco Day 2021

World No Tobacco Day is an effort from the World Health Organisation to stop the more than 6 million deaths from tobacco use and secondhand smoke around the world.

At Main Beach Dental, Dr Candia and the whole dental team have an interest in keeping you smoke-free: It makes your teeth healthier too.

Here are the top 5 effects of smoking on oral health:

#1 Periodontal Disease

People who smoke are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer, gum disease, tooth loss, tooth decay, and complications after tooth removal and gum and oral surgery.

#2 Oral Cancer

Chewing tobacco and using other tobacco products can cause cancer in the cheeks, gums, and lips.

#3 Delayed Healing

Smoking has an adverse effect on healing.

After your teeth are extracted, or you undergo oral surgery, you should avoid smoking for at least 3 days.

Otherwise, you may end up with a very painful complication called “dry socket.”

#4 Stained Teeth

Smoking and chewing tobacco can have a negative impact on your appearance.

Stains and discolourations of teeth, dentures, and fillings are commonly seen in smokers.

Visit your Main Beach dentist today for a teeth whitening procedure.

#5 Bad Breath

Smoking produces bad breath that is related to the strength of tobacco smoked.

Stop Smoking Today!

Consult your dentist at Main Beach Dental to create a quitting plan that’s best for you and your oral health.

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