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Dental Health Week 2021: Keep Your Smile for Life | Main Beach Dental

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Dental Health Week 2021

Once again, as August comes upon us, Australia recognises Dental Health Week, a week sponsored by the Australian Dental Association.

Each year, Dental Health Week chooses a dental topic in an attempt to bring it into the public light and increase public awareness of the need for oral hygiene and dental health.

This year, the week runs from August 2nd to August 8th, and the theme is “Keep Your Smile for Life.”

#1 Brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride-containing toothpaste for two minutes each time

While you can’t get rid of all the decay-causing bacteria, it is possible to control them. Regular toothbrushing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease by reducing the amount of bacteria and plaque around the teeth and gums.

#2 Clean between your teeth every day with floss or interdental brushes

Proper flossing removes plaque build-up and food particles in places where a toothbrush can’t easily reach. Because plaque build-up can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, flossing is highly recommended.

#3 Maintain a healthy, balanced diet and limit added sugar consumption

What you consume affects your bones, gums, teeth, and soft tissue.

To ensure that your diet supports your oral health, here are some good habits to consider:

Drink lots of water – it’s the best choice of beverage.
Limit snacking between meals – food eaten during snacking is worse for the teeth than food eaten during meals.
Watch what you eat – cut back on sugar and eat healthy foods instead.
Gum – chew sugar-free gum to neutralise tooth decay-causing acid attacks.

#4 Visit your Main Beach dentist for check-ups and preventive dental care

Regular dental check-ups help protect not just your oral health but also your overall health. For instance, signs and symptoms of certain systemic diseases might show up in the mouth first.

The examination also gives your dentist a chance to provide tips on caring for your teeth and to detect oral health problems early on — when they’re most treatable.

Add these up, and you lower the chance of suffering tooth decay or gum disease. And that means less time in the dentist chair undergoing costly treatments.

Keep Your Smile for Life!

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