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What About Mouthwash Proper care of your teeth and gums greatly increases your chances of avoiding unwanted oral health conditions like tooth decay and gingivitis.

This means regularly brushing your pearly whites with fluoride toothpaste, frequently flossing, and rinsing with Gold Coast dentist recommended mouthwash.

While brushing and flossing are essential in promoting healthy teeth and gums, rinsing with dentist recommended mouthwash, just as importantly, plays a central role in creating optimal oral health.


Using mouthwash with frequent regularity brings many benefits to the table, more specifically to your teeth, gums, and inner mouth linings. These benefits, among many others, include:

  • Removing loose food particles. Rinsing with mouthwash before you brush your teeth helps loosen food particles so it can be easily removed when brushing and flossing. While it may seem a little weird to rinse your mouth before brushing, dental experts say that by loosening food particles prior to brushing, you are actually giving yourself better chances of preventing tooth decay, among many dental irregularities.
  • Kills tooth-decay causing, mouth-dwelling bacteria. While brushing and flossing are physical dental tasks that scrub plaque and loose food particles away from the teeth, it is rinsing with good quality mouthwash that actually kills tooth decay-causing bacteria. Brushing and flossing, while central to good dental habits, do not actually kill bacteria. Rinsing with high-quality mouthwash actually kills bacteria upon contact.
  • Helps prevent plaque build-up. Not all plaque build-up can be prevented by brushing and flossing. Dentist recommended mouthwash actively prevents plaque from forming on your teeth. Unfortunately, mouthwash is unable to remove already existing plaque build-up on your teeth, which is why regular brushing and flossing is all the more necessary.

Dentist On The Gold Coast

While brushing, flossing and rinsing are core variables in promoting and preserving good oral health, regularly visiting your local Main Beach dentist is, in fact, just as crucial. Housing highly trained registered dental experts who provide nothing less than high-quality dental service, Main Beach Dental provides nothing less than the very best of modern dentistry to the local Gold Coast community and its surrounding regions. Claim your FREE dental consultation by calling us at (07) 5503 1177, or simply by booking an appointment online.