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Lifestyle Choices And Overall Health Your daily dental habits significantly impacts not only your oral health, but also your overall health and general well being. Neglecting good oral practices can result to things worse than sore teeth and bad breath. Growing bodies of research are starting to comprehensively connect the once undiscovered link between unwanted oral health anomalies to systemic diseases such as heart disease, bacterial pneumonia, and stroke.

In line with this, experts narrowed down a number of all too common lifestyle choices that typically compromise the overall wellbeing of your oral health. These include:

High Sugar Consumption

Regularly consuming high-sugar foods largely contribute to dental decay and periodontal anomalies. Simply put, a sugar laden diet allows for the perfect oral environment where dental decay-causing bacteria to exponentially and aggressively multiply.

Chronic Tobacco Consumption

It has long been known that tobacco products aren’t exactly the healthiest commodities out there. A single stick of cigarette, for instance, contains over 4,000 chemicals, 69 of which are cancer-causing agents, referred to carcinogens. As such, it is not surprising that chronic consumption of tobacco products typically results in severe dental decay, periodontal anomalies, and oral cancer, among many other oral health problems.

Chronic Alcohol Consumption

Compared to high-sugar sugar consumption and frequent use of tobacco products, heavy drinking habits hold a rather indirect effect to your overall status of your oral health. After a night of heavy drinking, your mouth, with the rest of your body, tends to suffer from dehydration. Physically, dry mouth is an unhealthy environment that allows decay-causing bacteria to run rampant.

Dentist In Gold Coast

Apart from rigorously practicing good dental habits at home, what best increases your chances at treating and even preventing chronic oral health problems is keeping regular appointments with your local Main Beach dentist. For top-quality dental solutions performed in a comfortable and state-of-the-art environment, visit your local Dentist In Gold Coast at Main Beach Dental.

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