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At-Home Care for Tooth Fillings Just because your tooth has been restored with a tooth filling, that doesn’t mean you will neglect the health of your teeth again. After your treatment, it’s important to follow some after-care tips to keep your tooth fillings last for longer.

Tooth filing is a restorative dental treatment that restores and strengthens the teeth that have been damaged by decay, cavities and many other reasons.

Tooth fillings are applied to reestablish the hole in your tooth or fix the chipped tooth to bring back its normal shape. There are two main types of fillings. These are composite filling, which matches the colour of your teeth; and amalgam filling, which is silver-coloured. Composite filling can last up to 8 years while amalgam endures for 12 years.

Tooth Fillings Care Tips

Though this is the expected average lifespan of dental filling, the way it can last still depends on various factors. The success rate of the treatment may depend on the size of the filling and the dentist who performed the procedure. Proper care and maintenance is essential for keeping your dental filling lost-lasting.

Here are simple but useful care tips you can do right after you get your dental filling:

  • Use fluoride toothpaste to prevent the development of new decay around the edges of fillings.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily and don’t forget to floss them, too!
  • A filled tooth is highly sensitive after the treatment. Avoid sweet, hot and cold consumables as they can trigger teeth sensitivity.
  • Visit your dental professional if the sensitivity endures longer than two weeks.
  • If you have sensitive teeth even before the treatment, ask recommendations from your dentist regarding toothpastes for sensitive teeth.
  • Don’t grind your teeth for it can create cracks on your filling.
  • If you experience some difficulties in chewing, consult your dentist about it. Fillings might need replacement or re-fixing.
  • Visit your dentist twice a year to uphold your fillings including your oral health condition.

Excellent Work on Tooth Fillings in Gold Coast

After the treatment, your Main Beach dentist will provide you with helpful instructions about the do’s and don’ts involving your new tooth filling. Through simply following these guidelines, you can extend your fillings’ lifecycle. At Main Beach Dental, we provide you with high-quality fillings that undoubtedly retain through the years. With your proper oral hygiene and healthy nutrition, fillings certainly last for longer, more than what you’ve expected. With our professional guidance and your commitment to your oral health, we can strengthen the health of your teeth and gums.

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