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Why Burning Mouth Syndrome is a Complex Condition

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Dental Infographic, General Dentistry, Oral Health, Preventive Dentistry

Why Burning Mouth Syndrome is a Complex Condition

Burning mouth syndrome, as what the name implies, is hot or burning sensation in the mouth affecting your tongue, lower lip, inside of the cheeks or the entire mouth. Burning mouth syndrome is also known as BMS, glossodynia or neuropathic pain (as there’s damage to the nerves). A patient who has BMS must know that this condition can arise daily for months or longer and that health experts don’t have a specific test for it, making it truly difficult to diagnose. However, your Main Beach dentist or doctor may prescribe medications to help you deal with the discomforts.

There are two classifications of the BMS causes. These are called the primary BMS and the secondary BMS. The source is recognised as primary BMS when there’re no clinical or lab oddities identified. On the other hand, the condition is called secondary BMS once it is due to an underlying health condition. The underlying problem may also be associated with secondary BMS, which includes dry mouth, certain oral conditions, nutritional deficiencies, wrongly fitted dentures, allergies or reactions, reflux or certain health conditions.

Burning mouth syndrome is a complex condition as the cause of it is currently unidentified but research has revealed that this is a neuropathic condition. Also, the treatment mainly depends on the source. However, BMS is not life threatening, but can affect the quality of your life. In addition, any health problems should have an abrupt and proper solution before they can bring complications. Thus, if you know that you have the symptoms of BMS, consult your dental care partners in Gold Coast here at Main Beach Dental. With our notable dental expertise and top-notch procedures, we can help you detect the cause of BMS and suggest the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

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