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Top 4 Dental Tips for Pregnant Women

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Dental Infographic, Oral Health, Preventive Dentistry

4 Dental Strategies for Pregnant Women Infographic | Dentist Gold Coast

Pregnancy is an exciting and busy time in a woman’s life, but pregnant women should be certain to take care of their dental health for themselves and their babies.

The good news is that most routine treatment is safe during pregnancy, though during the first 3 months some procedures and medications are to be avoided.

The most important thing is to be sure that your Main Beach dentist knows you are pregnant and how far along you are.

Here are 4 key strategies:

    1. Optimise your tooth and gum health. Gum disease can lead to premature birth or a low birth weight baby. Keeping your gums health also stops the transfer of decay-causing bacteria from you to your baby, and possibly early childhood tooth decay.
    2. Be prepared for sickness, vomiting and acid reflux. Pregnant women who experience morning sickness with vomiting and/or acid reflux are at high risk of tooth erosion.
      There are several ways to reduce this risk: rinse your mouth with water or mouth rinse, chew sugar free gum, smear a bit of toothpaste over your teeth, and wait 30 minutes before brushing if you vomit.
    3. Many women develop gum disease during pregnancy because of natural hormonal changes in the body. Take care of your teeth and gums early, to avoid this.
      Signs of gum disease include bleeding gums, red gums (instead of pink), swollen gums, and bad breath.
    4. Put down those cigarettes! Smoking while pregnant is bad for you and your unborn baby, and can lead to gum disease. In fact, you should quit all tobacco products, if you are pregnant or not!

Talk to your dentist at Main Beach Dental about how to treat your dental health before, during, and after pregnancy! We’re here for you and your family!

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