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Intrinsic Staining, Extrinsic Staining, And Teeth Whitening Treatment

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Article, General Dentistry, Teeth Whitening

Intrinsic Staining, Extrinsic Staining, And Teeth Whitening Treatment Not all teeth stains are the same. There are many variables that factor in when it comes to different kinds of dental stains.

Case in point, your boss may have yellow teeth, your nephew may have greyish pearly whites, and your next door neighbour maybe sporting teeth that are mottled with white and brown spots.

While all of these are virtually different kinds of teeth stains, all can easily be transformed with professional teeth whitening treatment.

Intrinsic Staining

Intrinsic staining is a dental discoloration that take place from inside the tooth and manifest on the outside surface. Intrinsic staining usually results from dental trauma, among the most common of which include — dental pulp damage, excessive fluoride consumption during tooth development, and excessive exposure to tetracylene during tooth development. Intrinsic teeth staining usually varies from mottled chalky stains to overall greyish and brownish tooth discoloration.

Extrinsic Staining

Extrinsic staining usually happens when dark substances penetrate through the small cracks that naturally form on the tooth enamel as you get older. These cracks all too often are aggravated if and when you grind your teeth. Teeth-staining substances, which most commonly include coffee, wine, and tea, usually accumulate in hard to clean areas where plaque and tartar buildup thrive.

Dentist Gold Coast

For high-quality teeth whitening treatment, visit your local Main Beach dentist at Main Beach Dental. Housing a team of dedicated dental experts, Main Beach Dental provides a safe and non-invasive teeth whitening procedure that comprehensively treats all kinds of dental discoloration. Duration of the treatment, however, vary depending on your condition. Intrinsic staining usually takes longer to treat.

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