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How Dental Veneers Can Work For You

by | Jan 10, 2018 | About Dental Veneers, Dental Article

Main Beach Dental | How Dental Veneers Can Work For You | Dentist Main BeachWhen you’re heading out the door of your house and take one last look in the mirror before you do, does what you see make you feel confident? Or is there something in your smile that makes you feel a little less confident than you could be?

Some of our patients at Main Beach Dental have smiles that they are not completely happy about. And a less-than-beautiful smile can make you feel self-conscious and less confident. In fact, studies show that brighter and better smiles can have positive impacts on work, social life, and even our love lives.

Which is why, in this article we’re going to talk about smile makeovers using dental veneers. We’ll cover how the process works, what is involved, and what you can expect from porcelain veneers and a smile makeover.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are custom-designed shells that cover the fronts of teeth. Veneers cover imperfections such as chips, tooth decay, stains or crooked teeth. In most cases, they are irreversible as a small portion of existing tooth enamel is removed in order to place them.

Veneers are primarily made from composite resin or porcelain. Porcelain often takes longer to place than composite resin.

Composite resin veneers require less tooth enamel removal than porcelain, cost less than their alternatives, can be applied in one office visit and are easily fixable if damaged. On the other hand, porcelain veneers are strong and resilient, look natural, and do not stain easily.

Reasons to Consider Dental Veneers 

  • Chips and cracks can be covered with veneers, preventing further damage to your teeth. The porcelain veneers cover any imperfections, leaving you with intact crack-free teeth and a stunning smile.
  • Some people have large gaps between their teeth. With the aid of porcelain veneers the size of these gaps can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Misaligned (or crooked teeth) can be treated with porcelain veneers instead of braces.
  • Cover Stains. As we age teeth become stained, and change from their natural white appearance to a dingier, yellow shade. Porcelain veneers cover the teeth in white and actually act as a barrier, making teeth more resistant to staining.
  • Porcelain veneers are economical. Dental veneers can provide the same aesthetic transformation that crowns can and are significantly cheaper.
  • With good oral hygiene including daily brushing, flossing and regular appointments with a dental hygienist, porcelain veneers can last up to 15 years.
  • The procedure involving placement of the veneers is a simple one. Anaesthesia aren’t usually required as the procedure causes no pain or significant discomfort.
  • It can take as little as 3 visits to the dentist to get a set of porcelain veneers, making them a quick and easy solution to a beautiful smile.
  • Veneers can completely change your life. Porcelain veneers can drastically improve your smile, helping you to project an image of confidence and boost your self-esteem.

The Veneering Process

Dental veneers can give you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted and the installation is not a complex or time-consuming process. In fact, at Main Beach Dental we install veneers in three simple steps:

#1. Consultation

First, you will meet with your Main Beach dentist to assess the condition of your teeth and overall oral health. During your appointment, we will take x-rays and do a manual inspection of your teeth to determine if veneers are the right treatment for you. If so, we’ll schedule you for a preparation visit.

#2. Preparation

On your second visit, a very thin layer of enamel is removed from each tooth to prepare for the installation of the veneers. Once this enamel is removed, the dentist will take impressions of the teeth so that veneers designed specifically for your teeth can be constructed.

You will have temporary veneers installed while you wait for the lab to complete your custom veneers, which typically takes one to two weeks.

#3. Installation

On your last visit, the temporary veneers are removed and your teeth are cleaned and polished for the installation of the permanent veneers. Next, the veneers are bonded to your teeth. The dentist will then evaluate the installation and make adjustments as needed.

We may recommend a follow-up appointment to check the comfort and fit of your veneers in a few weeks time, but no more than that. In only three simple steps, you can have the smile of your dreams.

If you live in the Main Beach area, dental veneers from Main Beach Dental can help you gain confidence by repairing damaged or stained teeth.

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