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Different Types Of Cavities

Without a consistent oral healthcare routine, the excessive accumulation of mouth dwelling- bacteria and plaque buildup could easily result to a number of unwanted oral health anomalies, among the most common and prominent of which include dental cavities.

Otherwise referred to as dental carries, dental cavities remain the leading cause of many unwanted dental anomalies including toothache, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Dental carries typically develop alongside periodontal anomalies.

Root, Pit, And Smooth Surface Decay 

Essentially, there are three types of known cavities.

  • Root Decay. Root decay is arguably the most common type of tooth decay that plagues adults who are suffering to receding periodontal tissues. Root decay most commonly occurs on the surface of dental roots.
  • Pit And Fissure Decay. This type of dental cavity typically affects the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Pit and fissure decay is easily preventable with frequent and proper brushing of the teeth. On the other hand, if you don’t keep proper dental hygiene, pit and fissure decay can easily worsen and inflict detrimental damage to your back teeth.
  • Smooth Surface Decay. This types of oral decay usually affects the flat surface of the teeth and is also caused by un-removed plaque buildup. When compared to both root and pit decay, smooth surface decay is least serious as it is easily treatable with fluoride, and regular dental flossing.

Dentist In Gold Coast

It is very important that you keep regular dental appointments to assess the overall status of your oral health and prevent the onset of any unwanted dental health anomaly. Not all cavities are the same. When it comes down to examining the areas of decay, it is only your dentist who can give you a proper and professional assessment and course of treatment.

Apart from rigorously practicing good dental habits at home, what best increases your chances at treating and even preventing gum disease is keeping regular appointments with your local Main Beach dentist. For top-quality dental solutions performed in a comfortable and state-of-the-art environment, visit your local Dentist In Gold Coast at Main Beach Dental.

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