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The Dental Health Of Australian Kids Today

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Dental Video, General Dentistry, Oral Health

Here’s a 3 minutes and 04 seconds The Dental Health Of Australian Kids Today video. See full transcript below.

The overall dental and oral health of children here in Australia is not getting any better. Despite the many significant advancements intended to address this concern, dental and oral health problems continue to affect many children. A study reveals that up above 70 per cent of parent in Australia are actually anxious and unsure about the well-being of their kids’ teeth and gums.

In order to guide your kids towards optimal oral health, it is important to lay a strong foundation when it comes to dental and oral care. However, this proves to be a somewhat difficult task for parents. 60 per cent of them find it very challenging to make their kids practice proper oral hygiene. Good thing is, your trusted dental care partners can help you. By visiting the dental clinic more frequently, you see to it that your family can enjoy a lifetime marked by perfectly healthy smiles.

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The Dental Health Of Australian Kids Today

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