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Top 6 Effective Strategies to Lower Oral Cancer Risk

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Oral Cancer

What exactly is oral cancer? It’s a malignancy that might manifest in the back of the throat or mouth. Lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue are all parts of this region.

The good thing is that when found early, oral cancer has an 80% to 90% survival rate. There are specific activities you can take to reduce your risk of developing oral cancer, and there are steps we can do to find it early.

You can protect yourself from this potentially fatal infection by following these 6 precautions.

#1. Maintain good oral hygiene

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is the first step in preventing oral cancer. Routine dental check-ups can help early diagnosis of oral cancers.

If basic oral hygiene routines are not followed, and dental treatment is not obtained, the risk of oral cavity cancer may increase.

Poor dental health and prolonged discomfort from ill-fitting dentures might increase the risk of oral cancer, particularly in people who consume alcohol and smoke.

#2. Avoid using tobacco

One of the most important techniques to stop cancer is never to start or never to smoke. Ask your doctor for resources to assist you in quitting if you need to.

Also, try to avoid second-hand smoke. Decrease your exposure to second-hand smoke as well. Other tobacco, such as chewing tobacco, can induce oral and digestive-tract malignancies.

#3. Limit your alcohol consumption

Less alcohol consumption lowers your risk of mouth cancer. If you want to drink, keep your daily intake to no more than one drink for women and two for men.

Avoid smoking or using smokeless tobacco if you consume alcohol. Combining alcohol with cigarettes increases the risk of oral cancer compared to using either substance alone.

#4. Consume a nutritious diet

Consume foods that can prevent cancer. Some medical organisations recommend eating dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, grapes, garlic, flaxseed, soy, green tea, and others to prevent cancer.

Avoid eating deep-fried meals, processed and canned food, red meat, and artificial flavours. The correct way to prepare meals is also necessary. The nutrients are preserved by switching out frying and grilling for boiling, baking, or steaming. Curry powder

, ginger, and garlic are examples of spices that not only enhance food’s flavour but also fight cancer.

#5. Examine your mouth and lips regularly for any irregularities

Just as women should regularly examine their breasts, an oral examination is essential. Spend a few seconds a month inspecting your mouth inside; most pharmacies sell those tiny mouth mirrors that can be used for this. You should check the back and sides of your tongue. If you feel any strange lumps, bumps, sensitive areas, or white, red, or grey patches, go to your Main Beach dentist to have them checked out.

#6. Visit your dentist regularly

Today, it’s recommended that you go to an orthodontist every six months for an oral cancer test, especially if you chew or inhale tobacco.

Even without such practices, going to the dentist every six months is a great way to maintain good oral hygiene.

If you have any sharp teeth, you should see a dentist because it has been found that these teeth increase the risk for oral cancer by repeatedly damaging oral tissues.

Oral Care at Main Beach

The best way to protect yourself from mouth cancer is to understand what raises your risk of getting it. While some risk factors cannot be altered, others can.

You can thus take comfort in knowing that even small changes to your lifestyle can significantly impact you if you’re interested in cancer prevention.

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