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How Your Main Beach Dentist Can Help You Sleep Better

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Oral Hygiene

how your main beach dentist can help you sleep better

Sleep is critical to so many bodily functions. It assists in hormone balance, memory processing in the brain, and tissue repair.

But did you realise that rest has an impact on your oral health? Poor sleep and mouth breathing while sleeping have a more significant effect on the oral cavity than you may realise!

Without enough sleep, the immune system fails to operate effectively, and even brain functions like problem solving and memory suffer.

You may take care of your oral health while you sleep in various ways. However, don’t let the idea of unpleasant plaque, cavities, tartar, or gingivitis prevent you from having a decent night’s sleep.

The following advice will help you and your mouth get through the night.

#1. Before going to sleep, brush

Before going to bed at night, brushing your teeth can help prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. Dentists advise brushing shortly after dinner and once more just before bed if you are particularly prone to cavities and gum disease.

#2. Keep proper form

According to experts, the ideal approach to cleaning your teeth is to brush back and forth in short strokes softly. Before brushing the chewing surfaces, brush the outside tooth surfaces, then the inner tooth surfaces. Use the brush’s tip to move up softly and down the backs of your front teeth.

#3. Use an electric toothbrush instead

Plaque is removed from your teeth more effectively with an electric toothbrush head because of its oscillating and revolving motion. Make sure you select an electric toothbrush with a rotating-oscillating head that is easy to use and comfortable to hold.

#4. Don’t simply brush; floss as well

Food fragments and plaque accumulation are removed by flossing while still soft.

Bacteria will multiply all night long if this material is left on your teeth, and they will feed on them as you sleep.

A hygienist or dentist must remove tartar during a professional cleaning to remove if plaque is allowed to develop into tartar.

Most individuals can get away with merely flossing at night, but dentists advise doing it in the morning if you’re at risk for gum disease or tartar buildup.

#5. Use mouthwash to rinse

Therapeutic mouth rinses contain unique components that strengthen teeth and aid in treating specific oral health disorders, so mouthwash isn’t simply for fresh breath.

A therapeutic mouthwash before night will help maintain your gums and teeth free of gingivitis and plaque.

Contrarily, most over-the-counter, commercial mouthwashes, also called cosmetic mouthwashes, are made to cover up bad breath and offer little benefits to your dental health. Consult your Main Beach dentist about the best mouthwash for you.

#6. Keep water nearby on your nightstand to stay hydrated.

Even asleep, saliva plays a crucial part in maintaining dental health. Saliva includes vital compounds and chemicals that strengthen and remineralise your teeth.

Saliva should “wash and bathe” your teeth while you are sleeping. As a result, staying hydrated is crucial.

99% of saliva is water. Drink a little water before night and keep a cup close for when dry mouth strikes to stay hydrated and avoid it.

#7. Visit your Main Beach dentist frequently

Preventive care and maintenance are vital for a healthy mouth as regular daytime and nighttime oral hygienes. Make sure to schedule routine dental check-ups and cleanings for your teeth. Over time, your dentist will assist you in maintaining healthy gums and clean teeth.

Your Main Beach Dentist Can Help

You can significantly reduce the risk of having a condition that will keep you from enjoying a decent night’s sleep by maintaining excellent dental hygiene habits.

At Main Beach Dental, your dental service satisfaction is our priority.

Our welcoming staff is committed to meeting all of your family’s dental requirements. We strive to deliver only high-quality dental care, helpful advice, and a comfortable atmosphere.

We are made up of highly qualified certified dentists with exceptional clinical abilities. We all work together to give you the best dental care possible.

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