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Bleeding Gums in Braces Wearers – What You Need To Know

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Gum Disease

bleeding gums in braces wearers

Bleeding gums are never a good sign, and it is doubly worrisome if you have braces.

Blood in the mouth means damage to the capillaries, or blood has reached tissue outside the capillaries (so-called extra capillary action).

Bleeding gums do not always mean a serious problem, but you should be concerned enough to get the bleeding immediately looked at by your dentist.

At Main Beach Dental, our first step is to discover what is causing the bleeding gums and how they are related to your braces.

Causes of Bleeding Gums in Brace Wearers


In hyperplasia, the braces irritate the gums, leading to swelling.

Braces can sometimes swell your gums, but you can ease the discomfort by changing a few habits and cleaning your teeth properly. We’ll get to that below!

Braces cause damage to the soft tissues

If your braces have extra material in place, you may suffer damage due to the sharp bits of brackets or wires sticking out and puncturing the mouth’s tissues – both the gums and the inner mouth.

If this happens, you must immediately get the sharp elements removed. These edges can be temporarily covered with dental wax or slightly moved using the eraser on a pencil.

Plaque and tartar

Plaque is the hardened biofilm in which bacteria live, attach themselves to the teeth and eat away at them. Tartar occurs when plaque hardens and calcifies.

The bacteria in plaque formations can lead to bleeding gums, as the bacteria damage the gums with their secretions.

During orthodontic treatment, the mouth’s health can be decreased, so bleeding from plaque build-up becomes more likely.

You can avoid this problem by focusing on daily oral hygiene, particularly taking more time to reach all tooth surfaces with your brush and floss.

It may also help to switch to an electric toothbrush. You can make flossing more accessible by using special threaders to get around the wires or a water irrigation system that removes plaque with a pulsating water stream.

Hormones and medicines

Hormone levels can also create excess blood flow to the gums, increasing capillary action.

Wearing braces can coincide with a teenager’s hormone surge, which can accelerate gum infection.

Sometimes, medicines can cause these excessive hormone levels; sometimes, an imbalance or just the workings of the body are the culprits.

If you are getting treatment but are pregnant, you may experience some bleeding, for example.

Be Careful What You Eat

Eating habits while wearing braces

The day you get braces is exciting because it will lead to better dental health and a more stunning smile.

But, to decrease the chances of gums bleeding or other problems, avoiding certain foods that can damage or break the structures, including crunchy, sticky, hard, or tough foods, is essential.

Things like:

  • Nuts
  • Toffees
  • Popcorn
  • Hard taco shells
  • Hard candies
  • Gum

The Importance of Home Care

Brush and Floss well and regularly. One downside to braces is that they make brushing and flossing much more difficult.

Make sure to clean the areas of your teeth and gums surrounding your braces and the areas above and below the wire that passes through the brackets. Use a soft brush and take more time. You might purchase an electric toothbrush, which can make brushing easier.

Flossing is also imperative to remove plaque. If your braces make flossing difficult, consider a floss threader. A water irrigator is a great way to ensure your gums stay clean and healthy while your braces are in place.

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of regular dental visits while wearing braces. At Main Beach Dental, we can keep an eye on and treat overgrowth, perform thorough dental cleanings, and treat occurrences of gingivitis.

Sometimes, you might have to see a specialist who focuses on gums and the structures supporting your teeth for more advanced treatment. If issues connected to braces get serious, your braces might need to be removed to address gum problems and let them heal.

Orthodontic treatment creates a new, improved smile and improves teeth function. Keeping a keen eye out for gum disease will ensure it doesn’t sidetrack your efforts to gain straighter teeth.

Dental Care at Main Beach Dental

At Main Beach Dental, your gum health is vital to us, with braces or without. We provide gentle, professional care for all conditions, work to prevent disease and decay, and have many dentist appointments in the future. Our commitment to our patients is dental health for a lifetime!

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