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Most Effective Bad Breath Treatment in Main Beach

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Bad Breath

most effective bad breath treatment

Every single day, your mouth plays a crucial role and keeping it fresh and healthy must be a priority. However, your mouth is not always in tip-top shape.

Bad breath is a common mouth problem experienced by many. Some can get rid of the odour instantly, but others may need to seek professional help immediately.

Bad breath is also referred to as halitosis. It can be caused by different factors and can be treated in various ways.

Without treating the problem, bad breath will continue to affect your life as well as your emotional wellbeing.

Thus, it’s crucial to determine the underlying causes of the mouth odour and the right treatment to perform.

You can start this by consulting a dental professional.

Most Common Causes of Bad Breath

One of the most obvious causes of bad breath is poor dental care.

If you don’t floss, brush or see your dentist regularly, bad breath is expected to develop soon enough.

Even after you brushed your teeth, bad breath can still occur when food remains in your mouth.

The debris starts to rot and causes your breath to stink.

Other causes of halitosis include the following:

  • Food – if you love eating smelly foods such as garlics, onions, and cheeses, you’re most likely to develop bad breath after consuming them. These smelly foods cause digestive processes to release strong gases that smell odorous, which are released 24 hours after consuming them.
  • Cavities – untreated tooth decay result in deep cavity. A decayed tooth is one of the most common causes of bad breath. The decay causes odour due to bacteria and infection.
  • Dry mouth – if you are suffering from xerostomia (dry mouth syndrome), you are susceptible to developing halitosis. This condition is caused by disorders such as anaemia or diabetes. Other causes of dry mouth include taking over-the-counter medicines and smoking.
  • Gum disease – more often, gum disease is one of the main causes of bleeding gums and eventually bad breath. In severe cases, gum disease result in tooth loss.
  • Medical conditions – suffering from certain medical conditions also means suffering from bad breath odour. Some of these health problems include diabetic ketoacidosis and severe kidney failure.

Eliminating Bad Breath and the Best Treatment

Now that you are aware what causes bad breath, the next thing you should do is to learn how to get rid of the mouth odour.

If you are not suffering from bad breath, learning its causes helps you prevent the dental problem.

However, if you already have it and you think it’s too late for prevention, you need to visit your dentist for a comprehensive evaluation of your case and the best treatment recommendation.

As of the moment, bad breath has no one-stop solution because the treatment will rely on the exact cause of the treatment.

By consulting a dental professional, you will get a more reliable solution that can’t be addressed with simple bad breath home remedies.

While waiting for your dental appointment, learn to fight bad breath odour at home by performing impeccable oral hygiene habits such as brushing your teeth 2x a day, flossing once a day, using mouthwash and eating foods without strong smell.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, too. Also, drink more water daily to keep your mouth hydrated and reduce the accumulation of bad oral bacteria that causes bad breath.

Bad Breath Treatment at Main Beach Dental in Gold Coast

If you are looking for an effective treatment for bad breath in Gold Coast, we recommend visiting our dental team at Main Beach Dental.

As dental professionals, your Main Beach dentist can provide more expert advice and tips to suit your lifestyle.

By identifying the real cause of halitosis, we can suggest the best treatment for your oral health problem.

At Main Beach Dental, we don’t want you to experience the embarrassing consequences of having bad breath.

We help our patients increase the quality of their life by keeping their oral health in great condition through our high-quality dental treatments.

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